LED Lighting conversions

Enhance your interior with a cleaner and clearer light that highlights the decoration and gives a feeling of space but also saves energy on your system on board, extends battery and generator life.

Troubleshooting and Fault Correction

An electrical problem on your yacht, various failures, battery problems, pressure drops, circuit breaker replacement, contactors, transformers, gauges. Our marine electrical technicians specialize in troubleshooting and error correction in electrical panels, both in DC panels and in AC panels and are there to help you find a solution.

Delta T Ventilation System

Installation of high quality ventilation systems for your machine rooms, electrical parts that need cooling but also comfort on board of your yacht.

You need to change an old installation or make a repair on your system? We work with the most important brands in the market and our technicians are always there to advise you.

Complete Electrical Refits

Your installation is old you want to modernize it? Avoid the current failures, we are at your disposal for the overhaul of your electrical installations, change of wiring, installation of new boards, intervention after fire and corrosion of connections following electrolysis.

Simply want to sell your yacht or boat? You need to check your systems or optimize the aircraft on board? Modern technologies represent an advantage during your sales transaction and can possibly raise the sale price.

You come from Europe and you need modifications of your connections? We can help with both USA and Europe norms.

Shore Power Systems

UA shore power dock connection is one of the most important elements for the protection of your onboard equipment and battery park.

A good installation thats verified regularly ensures you a peace of mind and comfort during your passages in most ports but also a security for your docking.

We offer a service for the maintenance and installation of a new system of connection of last generation and of upgrading or installation modifications between Europe and USA.


The world of boating evolves regularly thanks to the modern technologies. The on-board instrumentation is very important for the safety and the general operation of the yacht.

You want to change your pilot or control systems? Check the life of your boat's edge or change the design? We can help.

We offer installation, repair and improvement of your instruments but can also improve the design of panels and customize them according to your requirements. Our experience and our connections in the marine industry will help you to find the best solution to your needs.

Communication systems

Your yacht needs a technological upgrade or a renovation of its system? You need to be reachable anywhere and at any time and can take advantage of all available information and systems such as television, internet, communication and geo location.

We offer installation of hi-tech systems of big brands for your travel or needs at the port.

We can also put you in touch with our subscription provider for your satellite communications.

Sales and Installation of New Batteries

We offer a service to evaluate your batteries (SERVICE BATTERIES OR STARTER BATTERIES).

We also sell AGM, Lead acid or Lithium-ion batteries.

We can offer you customized batteries according to your needs and your installations.

We also check your battery chargers and we can offer you the solutions to modify your system.

Parts Sale Shore Power Cable Hubbell

You need to replace your shore power cable on your boat.

It is very important to check its external state and the connections, (the weather elements damage your cables but especially the salt). A bad shore power cable can damage your boat and cause other problems.

We offer the sale of shore power cable of different lengths and AMP power.

Send us by email your request: with the dimensions and we will communicate a price.

We can also diagnose the state of your shore power wiring on your boat.